What Does Kratom Feel Like: Understanding the Effects of Kratom Use

When consumed in low doses, kratom can act as a stimulant, providing an increase in physical and mental energy. Additionally, kratom has been used by some individuals for its potential mood-lifting mixing shrooms and alcohol effects and risks ark behavioral health properties. Kratom is reported to help manage pain and provide an energy boost. Users have experienced relief from chronic pain conditions, without the sedating effects of traditional opioids.

How To Avoid Kratom’s Side Effects

U.S. and international agencies have expressed concern that kratom products may cause serious harm.1 There are no uses for kratom approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the FDA has warned consumers not to use kratom products because of potential adverse effects. For others, particularly those who take higher doses, it can function like a sedative, helping them to relax.


The amount of kratom you should take varies according to several factors, such as age, weight, tolerance, and desired results. Anything over 8 grams is considered a heavy dose and is best avoided. It is a herbal supplement, and it is almost impossible to overdose on it. Kratom has a very high alkaloid content, with around 12 different ones that need to be processed by your liver.

What Are the Side Effects of Kratom?

  1. However, studies on the effects of kratom have identified many safety concerns and no clear benefits.
  2. The safe and responsible use of kratom will immensely benefit you and the kratom community.
  3. Salmonella contamination has no obvious signs, so the best way to avoid becoming ill is to avoid products that may contain it.
  4. Because kratom is so similar to opioid drugs, even receiving real kratom has immediate dangers.
  5. Early studies suggest that kratom may have potential as an antidepressant and a hunger suppressant.
  6. These may include dry mouth, constipation, decreased appetite, and increased urination.

We’re not saying that everyone selling kratom actually knows their business, but you can find many passionate vendors with knowledgeable customer service and premium-grade kratom powder. When searching for kratom near you, make sure to check out local vape shops, head shops, and specialty stores. As mostly a buyer’s market, it offers a full range of options and a myriad of reviews. You should never use kratom or any other psychoactive substance if you or a close family member has a history of psychosis, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia.

Health Benefits of Kratom

Symptoms of withdrawal, such as irritability, agitation, and muscle aches, can also occur when trying to stop kratom use (similar to opioid withdrawal). Additionally, long-term kratom use can have detrimental effects on one’s health, including liver and kidney damage. People often pick kratom to help them stop using opioids without feeling bad withdrawal symptoms. Kratom works like both opioid and stimulant drugs, so it can lift your mood or give you energy.

This leads experts to believe that daily kratom use may be a path to opioid addiction — and all the health risks that accompany this condition — similar to daily use of pain pills or heroin. Treatment can provide medications such as low doses of benzodiazepines to help combat some of the worst symptoms experienced during kratom withdrawal. It’s difficult enough to regulate drugs that can you drink alcohol on vivitrol or will you get sick are considered illegal, and the United States can face a serious threat due to kratom. Unregulated opioid-like medicines that are easily found online are going to grow in popularity. When drugs are scarce, many may turn to these dangerous substances online and hurt themselves. The DEA notes several cases of psychosis or hallucinations have been reported after kratom consumption.

One study found that long-term kratom users had elevated protein levels in their urine — called proteinuria — with albumin being the highest [7]. This condition can be an early sign of kidney damage, but it can also mean you need to drink more water. After several months of abusing kratom, you may start to feel a physical dependence, which happens when your body gets used to its presence, causing withdrawal symptoms. This stage is significantly more uncomfortable than the previous one, as you start feeling physically sick when you don’t take kratom. Many of the problems that occur with pain medications happen when these drugs are used at high doses or over a long period of time. It’s not known exactly what level of kratom is toxic in people, but as with pain medications and recreational drugs, it is possible to overdose on kratom.

Nine people died, all of them were in Sweden, and the product was pulled immediately. Unfortunately, this had a far-reaching ripple effect in the kratom community as people are still concerned about adulteration. The adulteration of products sold in the head shops is nothing new. Spice was a term used to describe legal alternatives to marijuana. These legal alternatives were actually made with harmful research chemicals that had serious long-term effects.

Kratom contains alkaloids, such as mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which interact with opioid receptors in the brain. This interaction is believed to influence mood and energy levels, potentially leading to enhanced motivation and drive. Some people have posted results of their experiences microdosing kratom. Users report having higher energy levels, better focus, and a stronger sense of health and well-being after using microdoses of kratom. If it becomes clear the herb is leading to issues with overdoses or addiction, they’ll likely step in to ban it nationwide. While the addictive nature of kratom is much milder than powerful pharmaceutical drugs, this herb can still result in changes to the opioid receptors that can lead to physical dependence.

Taking too much in a single dose or using kratom for months without breaks will almost always cause adverse reactions. Because of its unique chemical composition, kratom can provide an incredible variety of effects, both positive and negative. Most users experience undesired reactions at some point when taking kratom. The effects feel different, but the 58 best rehab centers in california 2023 free and private options use cases are very similar between these two plants. If you find you react poorly to marijuana and you experience paranoia, anxiety, and insomnia — kratom may be worth a shot. The World Health Organization (WHO) agrees on kratom’s safety — it reviewed the plant in 2021 and stated it is not a threat to public safety but will continue to monitor it.

EMS and police personnel observed a large amount of kratom powder residue on the patient. Moreover, the patient had a history of alcohol, opioid, benzodiazepine, methamphetamine, and cannabis abuse. However, he had undergone rehabilitation treatment and, since then, abstained from all illicit drug use and alcohol. A urine drug screen performed during the patient’s admission was negative for illicit drugs.

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